Maintain today's focus
to assure tomorrow's potential.

Over the last five years, Georgia's conservative leaders have governed in a fiscally restrained, responsible manner allowing for tremendous growth throughout the state. While serious issues continue to confront us, Georgians see the potential for the long-term prosperity their families deserve. This growth will be achieved only if our leaders avoid the distractions they face in the present and see the benefits of investing in the future.

By committing to public policies centering on economic development, agriculture, education and transportation, our elected leaders will have the greatest impact and guarantee the next generation is one where Georgia Grows.

Our Mission

Georgia Grows Inc. was formed to build on the policies Georgians are prospering under today. Created by conservative governing and a focus on job creation, Georgia is on the path to prosperity for years to come. With the support of businesses from around the state along with leaders within the Georgia General Assembly, we will educate Georgians on the need for continued commitment to public policies centering on economic development, agriculture, education and transportation.

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